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Achieve amazing results through the power of creativity.

Howell Media are uniquely placed to provide the best possible ROI for our clients as we're at the centre of all things creative. We know and understand the power of the brand and the powerful potential of your message.

The Howell Media creative team consists of designers, filmmakers, editors, animators, marketing gurus, project managers and creative media marvels! Naturally coupled with our straight up business expertise and experience.
Our team provide an end-to-end solution and our project management team ensures it's all silky smooth and runs like clockwork. Delivering the results you expect.

Howell Media gives you the tools to focus on your audience and to achieve the results you seek.

Great creative content will drive your business forward and bring you more success!

Howell Media


Video is so good for your business or organisation because it speaks directly to your customers.

Promotional & corporate videos, TV adverts, social adverts, product & user guide videos, presentations, training videos...options a-plenty right there! But where to start? Fear not, Howell Media have got you well and truly covered.

 We love film! The pursuit of producing innovative and engaging content is key.

Passion for the topic is doubly important, but understanding what you're trying to achieve and why you're doing it is vital. That's what Howell Media do and we can do it for you.


Howell Media


Content creation is essential to keep your marketing channels flowing and the sales rolling in. While you're busy working with clients, delivering a great service and providing awesome products and services, the pressure to 'make sure your audience sees it all' only grows and grows!

This is why we’ve introduced our monthly plans – ATLAS. Put simply It’s everything we do, but as a service - meaning, all of your content creation needs are managed in one space by creative professionals. This may include your core messaging, design, website content, social media content & scheduling. And at the heart of it all awesome video content, all in one spot. Oh, and there's no lengthy tie-ins or minimum spend.


Howell Media


Our design team are simply bursting with ideas to inspire and drive your business or organisation forward.

The Howell Media journey did actually start out as a graphic design company 'way, way back in the day'. And the discipline is still central to our philosophy and still informs what we do here.

We develop ideas for businesses and products that stand out in a busy arena. We target the market and challenge convention. With a critical eye for detail and a sixth sense for quality our creative team will put you where you need to be. 

Howell Media


"Words don't come easy" as the song lyrics go. The reality is that they do not come that easily for many organisations.

Saying what you want to say in a succinct, engaging and informative manner is really critical. Getting the tone and feel ‘just so’ can be a challenge. That’s where our many years of writing copy and script writing expertise come in. Particularly when you only have a few seconds, in the case of TV advertising, or just a moment to grab someone's attention with a headline, that’s when the line really needs to hit the mark. 
Spelling and grammar are also important! 

Howell Media Training


You know that you need creativity and video in your business, but how do you make it all work for you? To get the best results from your content, you need to know where to start.

Our video marketing and creative content workshops are designed to equip you and your business with all the essential knowledge to start getting the most out of your content, and start achieving your goals - learn hands-on practical skills with our industry pros, understand how you can build a video marketing strategy for example, and even wrap your head around the mysterious world of social media platforms, Reels and TikTok.


Random Howell Media example!

Blessed are the cheesemakers!

It’s GO time. Ready?

We’re delighted to have filmed and produced a series of adverts for Teesdale Cheesemakers.

With Film, What Can I Be?

Watch this and find out!

Don’t just take our word for it – Here’s a few words from our clients.

“Working with the team at Howell Film is always a pleasure. They get our purpose and clarify the brief and have delivered outstanding results time and time again. Feedback on their work is always fantastic and I would never hesitate in recommending them to others. First class in all respects and they help us deliver content for both in-person and virtual events. Plus, for us there is the added benefit that we are working with a family business too!”

Paul Andrews - Founder and CEO – Family Business United

“What a film! Thank you so much for the hard work you’ve put into it - our Dales look beautiful and children lively! We love the voices of the older residents and the way you have used the historical photographs, colouring some of them and bringing them to life. We love the busy playground scenes as they give a real feel of the Dales as they are now. The film looks amazing in the museum. Fabulous!”

Heather Hodgson - The Story Of School Exhibition

“We had a great experience working with Howell Film - what an enthusiastic, friendly and professional team - great to work with... thank you!”

Emily Rowe Rawlence - Swaledale Festival

“We love working with Howell Film. They are really easy to work with. We didn't really notice the team on site, which was great because it meant that the end result was really natural with a diverse mix of people featured rather than something staged and stilted. We would definitely recommend Howell Film.”

R. Tweddle - TCR Hub

“Always brilliant to work with, turning our ideas into reality. Really impressed with the videos – we’re getting a lot of great feedback!”

S. White - Richmondshire District Council

“Howell film are a pleasure to work with. They are brilliant professionals, who are prompt in responding to any questions or queries and super flexible in being accommodating to working within tight deadlines. They have produced for us a high quality film which is able to be displayed both within our exhibition space and online on our website. I would highly recommend them as a fantastic film crew to work with, who know exactly what they are doing and a great with all audiences”

J. White - The Bowes Museum

“There’s something special about Howell Film. They just seem to ’get it‘. The entire process is hassle-free and works smoothly. The final results speak for themselves.”

Guy Fairhurst - Chef Proprietor

“Professionalism at its very best. Our project from start to finish has been a breeze and the end result worth every penny, thanks to a team that's approachable, responsive, committed to excellence and full of ideas and support. Rare to find a company with a genuine interest in the success of another. I have no hesitation recommending them to anyone wanting a film company they enjoy working with and can rely on - Howell Film deserve to go far!”

Jayne Smith -  QWOT

“Cannot recommend the guys at Howell Film more! Professional and friendly team and the end result exceeded expectations. Special shout out to Andy who was a pleasure to spend two days with and has the patience of a saint! Looking forward to future projects!”

Stacey Penrose - Race Media

museums and galleries


Howell Media are proud to be working with several incredible museums and galleries. Our work graces some truly awe-inspiring settings and are enjoyed by thousands of visitors.

event filming


Live, live-streamed or virtual. Howell Media gives you the ultimate ‘access all areas’. Everyone’s got a front row seat! Pre-record or live action (or a hybrid of both!) we have you covered whatever the event.

promotion and product


Creative content is really great for business. That’s a fact. There are so many stats about the benefits of solid design, video, animation, great copy etc. that it’s mind boggling! Content gets you more results.

training and learning


Want to try it yourself? We say that’s a great idea! We will teach you how to do just right. Our training and workshops are designed to help everyone to benefit from the power of creative content. 


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